Xfplay ios installation tutorial

The following steps are required for Windows 10 and above systems:

1. Ensure that you have installed the web version of iTunes and iCloud. You must uninstall Microsoft Store iTunes and iCloud (if installed) to install non Microsoft Store versions from the following location:

ITunes download addressDownload Download from Apple

iCloud download addressDownload Download from Apple

2. Download xfplay assistant and install

Xfplay assistant download address


3. Open the xfplay assistant,connect the iPhone with a data cable (all the way is allowed), and then click the xfplay assistant icon in the lower right corner of the Windows 10 system screen to select Install, and enter the Apple ID and password for connecting the phone.

Tip: If installation is not possible, please ensure that iTunes and iCloud are running when using the Pioneer Assistant.

4. After successful installation on the iPhone, you need to go to Settings and click Trust Device (the name is your Apple ID by default).

5. IOS16 The system needs to go to privacy and security to enable the developer mode, and then restart. Open [Settings] - [Privacy and Security], pull to the bottom to see the developer mode in the [Security] column, click [Developer Mode] and open the key, Click [Restart] to restart the phone and start the developer mode.